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Lifestyle & Documentary

We are so excited to be offering these types of sessions!!​


Lifestyle and Documentary Photography have always been a favorite of ours. Catching real everyday moments is so important and beautiful to us. We don’t want to force smiles or awkward poses. There’s nothing better than catching a genuine, natural smile! Another important reason we’re offering these sessions is because we don’t want parents to stress anymore! It’s no fun feeling frustrated because you feel you need to keep such a tight reign on your kiddos. It is so much better to just let them be!


We would be honored to be invited into your life to document your time together… PURE. WHOLE. REAL. SINCERE moments. Invite us to capture your family as you are, doing an activity you always do... in your home, a walk or hike, a visit to the library or zoo, even an everyday shopping trip. Let us help you plan something if you’re not sure. We want to tell your story. When the storm passes and your life becomes quiet, these are the photos you will cherish!

Click here for some ideas to get your gears turning! 

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